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Your Website Made Easy!

So you would like your own website, but have no idea how to begin?

Let me take you through some easy steps: I will build a proto-type home-page website for you that will look something like this.

How long will it take? Three days or less.

Your Cost: Zero. No cost for setting up your prototype page, which will be posted for two weeks for your review. No obligation if you do not wish to continue! If you want dancing logos, and other gizzmo's on your site, we can add that later.

Create a simple site with a lot of value. The most popular website on the internet is very simple. Nothing is flashing, moving, dancing, or distracting you!

To create your site, I need from you, via email:
  • Your name, email address, and phone number
  • Your title, business name, as you wish it to appear
  • Some text, maybe bulleted info., you wish to have placed on your site.
  • Various menu button titles, such as you see on Sandra's site.
  • At least ten words or phrases that describe your services, for the meta-tag, and a two sentence description of your site(for the search engines).
  • Optional: Your photo, or photo of your business, if you wish. (Get your georgeous mug on the internet!)
    This is easy. Here's how: Take your favorite photo to Kinko's, and ask them to "scan your photo into a jpg. file on a floppy disc", then send it to me as an attachment via email. Or have them email it directly to me as an attachment.
I will create your site with the information you have sent me, and then post it on the internet in a private site for you to view.

Then you can get creative! Think of your website as a work in progress, and build from your home site. You may suggest changes, additions, deletions, and begin creating sub-pages, such as you see on the sample site.

My charge: If you like what you see, and would like to proceed with developing your site, your cost would be $350 for a completed site, finished to your satisfaction. This would include your home page, plus creating three subpages, with menu bars on all pages for easy navigation. Additional pages are $50. If you need a more complex site, we can discuss the extra costs. Note: Initially, stay with simple. You can add bells and whistles later.

What about web-hosting costs: I will host your site on my domain( for $20/month. With this plan, your site will be instantly operable, you really never need to have your own domain name, nor will you have to find a webhost. Of course you can find free hosting on the net, but beware the gimmicks, like banner ads on your site.
At some point in time, I recommend that you secure your own domain name. Monthly cost to host your site with your domain name is $25.00, with a $50 set-up fee.

Cost for Subsequent changes: I can update your site regularly. Charge for updating would depend upon extent of work required. You may add a logo, various images, a newsletter subscription(great idea), whatever, to your site. I recommend a simple site to begin with, and build as you grow your business. If you wish a more complex site, we can discuss the additional costs involved. The website I have created for you is your property, and can be transferred to another host or designer at no cost to you.

How to request changes to your site: simply email your change requests to me, and I will update your site. If you now have a site, I can upgrade that for you also.

If you have further questions, Email me
References available upon request.
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