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"I am in love with our era. This is the first time when the supremecy of the intellect is total. Nothing can beat brainpower."---J. Servan-Schrieber

Masterminding is simply the spontaneous generation of ideas between two or more minds, the dynamics of thinking taken to its highest level. The possibility that the universe is a host to limitless ideas waiting to be discovered, languaged as it were, challenges us into daring imagination, a never ending generation of human thought. Could this be the ultimate reason for our existence?

AMM brings you into conversation with others who are seeking to open up areas of greater discovery by hastening the evolution of your thoughts. When minds (thoughts) are brought together and blended in perfect harmony, a synergism emerges which creates a third mind, which is greater that the sum of the minds.
This third mind, the mastermind, is available to all who participate in a MM group.
Great advances in human thought often arise from a team mentality that capitalizes on the principle of compounding thoughts. Your MasterMindGroup is the ultimate medium for "synergistic/accelerant thought."

  • It utilizes the power of "Network Learning," where you are connected in series with other minds, much like batteries are hooked in a series to produce more power.
  • You will find that as you "give away what you know" to your MasterMindGroup, you will create a vacuum, a space in your mind that creates room for new ideas created by the MM group.
  • With spontaneous expression and interchange of thoughts, the group becomes a source of "revelation" for you, which creates a sudden "shift of awareness," the "COSMIC AHA!"
  • The MMG lifts your mind above the horizon of ordinary thought, and encourages, indeed pulls you into "creative imagination."
  • The MMG delivers laser knowledge "just in time," in Quantum Leaps. No waiting to learn.
  • Today learning must be rapid and selective. Your MMG will laser in on your quest and speed up learning. We call it "QuatumLeap learning."
  • The reward for each member of the group is that the increased power of "thought-energy," i.e., the sum and substance of the group intelligence, is available to each member of the group.

    What must be present in the Mastermind group, according to Hill?
  • A Definite Major Purpose
  • Consensus of results. What do we take away from this group?
  • Harmony, the most critical component of a successful group
  • Energy, the spark of group dynamics
  • Ability, experience around the topic
  • Willingness to contribute and concentrate, each member must give to the group

    What is the outcome of a Mastermind group?
  • Your group will be a source of new ideas
  • It will be a resource center
  • It will become a support group, and a source of long-lasting friendships.
    MasterMind Tips

    "It seems that we begin our lives with question marks but all too often end up with periods"---Michele-Weiner Davis

    We invite you to create momentum and motivation in your life by joining a MasterMind Group.

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